Infinite Minds: Sancy Suraj on The Secrets of Mastering Memory

Sancy Suraj
Sancy Suraj

What is the secret of mastering your memory? According to memory athlete, Sancy Suraj, there is no secret. There are only techniques. “There is no secret to knowing how to read a book. We were taught how the letters of the alphabet, grammatical rules, the meaning of a full=stop and a comma. Without all of those knowledge there is no way we would be able to read a book,” Says Sancy Suraj.

“Memorizing information has rules and techniques as well and without learning these rules and techniques it will be very difficult to memorize information. The unfortunate thing is that we weren’t taught this is school,” Sancy added.

What is the secret of reading or writing? How are people able to do that? Because they were taught. They learned the letters of the alphabet in school, learned to put words together to form words, learned grammatically rules. Years of learning. The same thing applies to mastering your memory.

There are no secrets. For you to get good at something, you need to first learn how to do it. Memory has tools, steps and techniques just like reading and writing. Once you have learned the tools, steps and techniques, you can memorize literally anything under the sun. Form names and faces to a thousand digits of pi.

So where do you learn these techniques? For me, it started with a book by Tony Buzan called Use Your Head. That book introduced me to my first memory technique called the link story technique. Using the technique I managed to memorize 10 grocery list items in perfect order. No big feat, ut it was the start for me. I was hooked. That is where you can start too and from there, you will know where to go, the path to take to mastering your own memory.

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